Our Products

Daifressh's commitment is to serve the freshest, tastiest and most beautiful fruits and vegetables. All the experience and effort of our team is ultimately focussed on your enjoyment of the fruit that you deserve.



Mandarins and Clementines

From our farmers in Castellón and Alcanar, our Clementines - especially the Clemenules variety – are considered to be the best easy-peelers in terms of quality of taste, sugar and juice content. We offer a varietal range that stretches from October to May, from the first Clemenrubi that despite being early has an excellent quality; Oronules that stands out for its colour; Marisol harvested at its optimum point of maturity.

The group's early clementines: Arrufatinas, Mioros and Pons are those that precede the arrival of the queen of mandarins, the Clemenules! Clemenules are the ones which we offer the most with the potential for very large volumes of around 80,000 tonnes; plus a guaranteed quality that we are able to maintain until the end of January. After finishing with the Clemenules, our specialist group has more than 60% of the production of Hernandinas in the Valencian community, from the first week of February to the first week of March. Also in February we start with Nadorcott until mid-May when we end the campaign with Ortaniques until mid-June. To provide continued service in Clementines, we are employed at production, treating the skin to be able to pick certain items in order to guarantee prolonged production time and therefore maintaining the product longer in ideal quality conditions.


Lemons & Grapefruit

Our producers from Vega Baja del Segura produce the best lemons, from the middle of October when we begin with the Fino lemon until the end of April when we continue with the Verna lemon right up until the end of June or mid-July, depending on the production quantity of the latter variety.

The grapefruits of Murcia and Córdoba are sold by us from December until the end of April, when we can guarantee the best juice and brix parameters with ideal acidity.







Our range of leaf vegetables covers lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage along with Baby, Lollo Rosso and Green Lollo Cabbage varieties (both straight and curly) all of which come from Murcia.

Throughout the year at Daifressh we have leaf vegetables available, always offering the best variety during each production cycle. We care about their production and harvesting. In addition we package according to the needs and requirements of our customers, with rigorous quality control.



Our tomatoes, from the best Spanish production areas, are grown in Níjar and La Cañada (Almería). From there come our Plum, Round and Cherry Tomatoes.

Due to the nature of the microclimate in the Almería province, their lands and the salinity of the water, they all add up to give the tomato its best characteristics of hardness and flavour. These make it the most appreciated vegetable by our customers. So at Daifressh we select the tomato according to quality criteria and the tastes of our customers. We follow strict criteria of selection at the point of maturity in accordance with the colouration of the tomato. We have more than 40 distinct lines of presentation and tomato varieties on offer.