Our business model integrates each and every link of the supply chain under the highest quality standards. This allows us to deliver suitable products to each client, complying with the main industry certificates and ensuring traceability from field to fork.

Varietal testing
and selection

We are constantly looking for the varieties that are best suited to our crops, in coordination with seed houses and breeders. Our priority is to obtain a product that fully satisfies our clients in terms of taste and shelf life.

Technical Growing

Our technical team combines traditional agriculture and integrated production with the latest agro-technology to protect the environment trough a responsible resource consumption.

Quality Control
and packing

Our QA team works in the field and at our consolidation centres on a daily basis to select the best pieces for our clients, ensuring that they meet the specifications.

Both our packing houses at the point of origin and our consolidation centres at destination, as well as the facilities of our DaiGrowers, are equipped with the advanced technology for the best care of the produce during the packing process and they comply with all health regulations and certifications.

Logistics from source to destination

Due to our partnership with several international and local transport campanies, we have a large fleet of trucks permanently available with online access to GPS positioning and thermograph levels so we can guarantee the optimum temperature for the produce throughout the whole process.

We ensure the highest quality, flavour and freshness of our produce from the moment it leaves our warehouses at the country of origin until it arrives on time at the client’s platform.

At our facilities in Poland and Hungary we carry out cross-docking, quality control, cold storage, sorting and packing processes. At these facilities, we have several automatic machines for selection, packing and labelling of Citrus, Berries, Vegetables and Stone Fruits.

In Dzierżoniów (Poland) there is a team of 60 people working in a 3.000m2 facility with capacity for 20 trucks a day under IFS certification.

In Gyál (Hungary) we have a modern 2.400m2  warehouse, 6 loading docks that can hold up to 24 trucks per day and 4 refrigerated chambers at different temperatures.

Consolidation Centers
Marketing &
Point of sale

Our Marketing team is always attentive to the latest market trends and this allows us to bring new products and innovative packagings to our clients.

We work side by side with them to build their brand image and design tailormade proposals for point of sale to boost their business.

We guarantee food safety and sustainability throughout the entire value chain