Freshness & Quality

We are a company that has as its premise the freshness and quality of its products. To obtain this we combine all our knowledge with both producers and large distributors to always offer the best service and the best product. With this we get our customers to eat the freshest and tastiest fruit so they can lead a healthy life. We work daily with enthusiasm, committed to our producers and consumers, using the most advanced technology and using all our experience in the sector so that you can have the fruit that you deserve.



We, together with you, want to be a leading brand recognized worldwide for guarantee and efficiency.

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At Daifressh we are committed to offering a fresh, seasonal product every day, under a unique quality control, achieved after many years of experience in the sector.

Understanding, Anticipating and Satisfying the needs of our customers is our goal.

Our work system ensures maximum freshness, security and service level of Spanish horticultural products to the best European chains as well as at the best price.

Our differential value has been, is and will be a long-lasting relationship of mutual trust with our customers, growers, suppliers and collaborators.

Our sole objective is to be able to provide you with the fruit you deserve 365 days a year.

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